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 Crazy Quilt 
Handspun Yarn

(the yarn I spin specially for you!)

Our Yarn Here & Far!

Meet the Sheep! 
--Each has a bio & photos!

Animal Friendly Wool & Fiber 

--Washed Fiber
--Dyed Fiber
--Unwashed Fiber
--CQ Fiber Clouds
--Felted Fleece/Fiber

Crazy Quilt Collectibles!
(Hand-painted drop spindles & more!)




Things We Knit!  
(to keep you warm!)


--Our Farm, Fiber &  Sheep

--Sheep we sell wool for!




Around the farm! 

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful place to share with our special sheep. They happily roam 25 acres of pasture and are fed hay through the winter months. We thought it would be fun to share some random pictures of our peaceful little farm... 

poppy.jpg    poppysleepy.jpg  piper06.jpg  odin1113toynap.jpg  odin1013upsidedown.jpg  oscar.jpg   puzzle1113.jpg  1213snowsheepjust1.jpg  1213snowsheepeating.jpg  1213snowsheepcovered.jpg  

  faques1.jpg  babyhope.jpg  2013rndfrm1.jpg1012sheeps.jpg  2013rndfrm3.jpg  910chico.jpg  CalPhoebe.jpg  Phoebe2.jpg  Rudy.jpg  abbypiper.jpg  avi712.jpg  axelle413lambs.jpg  baax.jpg  becanbaby.jpg  bigkitty912tired.jpg  bobbi711.jpg  brintrev2.jpg  calvinbttnscrf.jpg  chance10.jpg  chaquita06b4.jpg  coats911keebs2.jpg  cosmo2.jpg  dalaisunset.jpg  devlyn.jpg  frang.jpg  frannie.jpg  garththeofoon2013.jpg  grahamscotchmule.jpg  ingrdchcks2.jpg jenguanacobaby.jpg   jimalpaca2.jpg  jonty2.jpg  junesnst.jpg  libby4.jpg  littledaleesuffolk.jpg  littledalenccgirls.jpg littledalescotties.jpg   llamalunch10.jpg  llamas2012a.jpg  lucyjosie912.jpg  mario3013photobomb.jpg  marygoaties09.jpg  mcnairlambs413.jpg  mina2.jpg  molly1112L.jpg  molly1112vote.jpg  moonpiesheldon413b.jpg



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News Update

7/18/14- The sheep are enjoying some breezy, not so humid days. Even doing a little tanning of tummies and legs? Whoa!

They are also working on a new blog. We can get into the old one but not to edit or add to it. It will stay on our site as 'archives'. Lots to do lots to do.

Our next update will be Tuesday, July 22. If you are looking for something you don't see on the site, just send an email on over!

Smooches from the sheep!


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